Day 2

Hello Out there,

I’m just sending out a little information on this great & important election day for the entire world! I realized that I did not give you any radio information for all of you that wish to listen to French radio online. Here are a few websites that you can/could visit for your listening pleasure:

1. — this is a talk radio station and most of the stations are local. for instance my area is Mayenne, so I go to

2. — as you can guess, this is classical music, but the hosts speak introduce and do interviews in France.

3. — r&b, alternative, etc.

4. — R&B, rap

5. — rock, alternative, R&B,…used to be Europe 2

6. — dance, club music

7. — pop rock radio

Keep in mind that there are many, many French web and radio stations. So, you can do your own google or yahoo search and find many stations and opportunities to listen. In the meantime, these are just a few that I might listen to when I’m driving in my car. It depends on how I’m feeling at the moment. And these are definite ways to get plugged into the actual culture of France. Good listening!!



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